Road and bridge construction

We have decades of experience in challenging road and bridge construction work. We produce various traffic routes and the related zone construction efficiently, precisely and with a customer-oriented approach. The competence created by our long experience helps us organise and schedule work so that the traffic can flow as efficiently and safely as possible throughout the project.

As bridge construction experts, we plan and execute any bridge work as a turnkey delivery from small bridges to large bridge structures on land and over waterways. In addition to bridges, culverts and tubular bridges for vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, we construct various types of concrete and steel covers, viaducts and ramps. In connection with bridge construction, we carry out all the auxiliary work, such as land use planning, asphalt work and railing, barrier and lighting installations.

In addition to new bridges, roads, streets and pedestrian and bicycle routes, we repair and improve existing traffic routes.

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Head of Construction, Finland

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Business Area Manager

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Business Area Manager, Mälardalen