Meet Fredrik Fällback – Site Manager at NYAB


Fredrik Fällback has been involved since the start of NYAB Mälardalen, and today, he is one of our site managers. In 2020, when he joined NYAB, he saw an opportunity to build up an organization from scratch and create a forward-thinking team spirit. 


“The colleagues you meet on a daily basis are the most important key to enjoying your work over time.”


Hi Fredrik, can you tell us about your role as a site manager? 

As site manager, I am responsible for the project’s personnel, production, and work environment. I usually describe the role as a control function, ensuring the project follows the budget and deadlines. This is done by keeping close contact with colleagues and customers. 

I’m currently working on a transformation project where we are exploiting an old summer cottage area with around 150 cottages. It will be a complete transformation, including streets, walkways, electricity, lighting, water and sewage. It is a pretty large project with many stakeholders involved. It makes the project really exciting. 


What is the best part of your job? 

The best part about my job is that I learn something new from each project despite my many years in the industry. New challenges always arise, even if the projects might be perceived as equivalent on paper.

I’m motivated by complex projects, and to me a project just gets more exciting the more complex it is. At NYAB, we have created a forward-thinking culture, and we are not afraid to learn new things. This culture is what make us dare take on this type of work.


What is the key to thriving at a workplace like NYAB over time?

NYAB feels like one big family, from the CEO to managers and co-workers. That culture, combined with a lot of freedom and responsibility over my work, creates conditions for further development for me as an individual and NYAB as a team.

In the end, it is the projects and the people that get me going. The colleagues you meet on a daily basis are the most important key to enjoying your work over time. The projects are very much the same regardless of the name on the jacket.