SkartaNYAB has signed a comprehensive framework agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration


Translated SkartaNYAB Stock exchange release, dated 2022-06-09. Due to corporate language Finnish and English.

NYAB Mälardalen AB, a company within the SkartaNYAB Group, has signed a framework agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration for preparatory ground work and the construction of an extension of the Mälarbanan railway. The maximum value of the framework agreement amounts to SEK 400 million and the final value is determined by the number of orders placed in accordance with the agreement. The contract period runs until the end of May 2025 and includes an option for a further two years. When the agreement was signed, the first orders were set at a value of five million SEK, and around ten potential follow-on projects were identified that can be implemented in the first year.

– This railway contract means a lot to our order book. It strengthens our position and growth in the Stockholm area, and as a multi-year contract it has great strategic value, says Johan Larsson, CEO of SkartaNYAB Apb.

The Mälarbanan is a railway between Stockholm and Örebro that is being expanded from two tracks to four tracks northwest of Stockholm. The project has a total value of SEK 25 billion and significantly improves public transport, as regional and long-distance transport can be separated into separate tracks. Four new stations are also being built as part of the project and are expected to open in 2034.