Magnus Granljung takes over as CEO of NYAB


NYAB Sweden was registered in 2014. What is now an extensive group, which is part of the SkartaNYAB Corporation listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, was founded in Luleå. Organizationally, NYAB is divided into four business areas. Two of these are subsidiaries. NYAB Infrastruktur AB and NYAB Mälardalen AB are part of the NYAB subgroup. A unanimous board has this week decided to appoint Magnus Granljung as CEO with immediate effect.

NYAB has created the position and platform the Group has strived for for continued scalable growth, the volume lies in infrastructure and construction-related project operations. With steadily increasing volumes linked to society’s and industry’s energy transition. At Group level, SkartaNYAB also works with energy-related project development and design in energy and electricity, thereby contributing to building a green future.

– Magnus as CEO and head of NYAB has been planned for a long time, it is quite exactly one year since he took over as chief operating officer, and gradually during this period, more and more of what is on the CEO’s table has been transferred to Magnus. As I communicated when Magnus took over as chief operating officer, most of my focus would be on the financial and investigating an IPO process, in a true entrepreneurial spirit, we owners found a different way to the stock market, says Johan Larsson.

The NYAB Group has an eight-year uninterrupted suite of profitable growth. 2021 is the best year so far and 2022 has started with an order intake that breaks all records, not only taking into account direct volumes, but also through the basic multi-year municipal and basic maintenance agreements mean for surrounding markets. During the beginning of the year, the Group also established offices in Gävle and Boden.

– Magnus was the obvious choice for a completely unanimous board. He has more than proven his qualities as a leader over the years, and he fully understands the culture that prevails in NYAB. At the same time, we still have a previously well-functioning operational management structure as Johan Larsson is still included through SkartaNYAB, and the outgoing and incoming CEO work very well and efficiently together and complement each other, says Robert Säthergren, Chairman of NYAB Sverige AB.

Magnus Granljung has worked at NYAB since 2017, first as CEO of the subsidiary NYAB Infrastructure and then as chief operating officer of the NYAB Group. Prior to that, Magnus has held senior positions in regional and global industrial companies since 2008. Magnus also sits on NYAB Sweden’s board and is part of SkartaNYAB’s group management.

– I am happy with the trust the owner and board show me. We are well equipped for the challenges of the future and I see a lot of development ahead of us. We need responsive customers and the demands of society. And to ensure sustainability, quality and profitability, we must continue to work on these issues more centrally in parallel with the culture of creativity and performance that our project operations possess. As previously stated, NYAB is not, and has never been, a top-down group. Our power comes from below. With the exception of changing CEO, we have an intact management where there is consensus on how we should approach the future and how we with joy at work maintain the combination of high growth and high profit margin sustainable, says Magnus Granljung, CEO of NYAB.