Meet Veli-Matti Kumpula – Site Manager at NYAB


Veli-Matti Kumpula stepped into larger shoes at the turn of the year when he took on the responsibilities of Antti Nissinen, who had transitioned to the role of Head of Construction. As a project manager, Veli-Matti is responsible for NYAB’s infrastructure and bridge construction projects in Finland. His background as a civil engineer and previous roles at Tieliikelaitos and as a site manager at NYAB since 2017 have prepared the Rovaniemi native for a broader role.

What areas do you oversee in your new role?

“At the moment, my team is working in the Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland regions, carrying out various infrastructure projects for clients, such as road and bridge construction and renovation. The sizes and execution methods of the projects vary. Our clientele mainly consists of municipalities, authorities, and companies.”

What motivates you to take over this new challenge?

“I have enjoyed my time at NYAB, and our infrastructure team has an excellent team spirit and expertise. My colleagues are professional and dedicated, but they are also ready to develop our operations. Therefore, I was able to take on the new role with confidence.”

What determines successful projects?

“We work closely with both our clients and partners. Some of the projects are carried out entirely by our own efforts, some with a large group of subcontractors. Infrastructure construction is teamwork. Goals and schedules can only be achieved if the cooperation is smooth, and everyone strives for the best. And after all, working is much more enjoyable when done with a positive attitude.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

“After the working week, I often head into nature, as my newest hobby is mountain biking and there are excellent trails in the areas nearby.” Rovaniemi is also praised as a tourist city: “Here you can find Santa Claus’ workshop, Ranua Wildlife Park, hiking trails, and lean-tos, but also excellent restaurants,” says Veli-Matti, who also enjoys cooking. His 9-year-old son and partner get to enjoy the results of his cooking.