Utilising the best expertise and technology for sustainable development and construction

Skarta has decades of experience in demanding construction and special construction projects for industrial companies and other significant operators in the society, such as the government, municipalities, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and construction companies. In recent years, we have also been partnering and working with renewable energy companies.

Our specialists utilise the latest know-how and technology to build a clean future for us and future generations – a living environment that includes clean water and energy, as well as sustainable infrastructure.

We take care of the overall management of construction projects, from excavation and retaining structures to pile driving, the laying of cables and municipal engineering, followed by the above-ground parts of buildings, ranging from solar and wind power stations, electrical substations and networks, industrial buildings, biopower stations, central wastewater treatment plants or bridge and fairway construction, for example. In addition to our solar and wind power projects, we are pioneers participating in the development of Finland towards the hydrogen society of the future.